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Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips

Did You Know? The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for plumbers in the US. Unless you want t see your local plumber practice these tips this Thanksgiving:



Don't put bones, poultry skin, potato peels, celery or anything stringy down it! Turn it on and run water before putting food in.


Keep cooking oil and fats out of the drain! Wipe greasy plates and pots with paper towels. Have an empty can labeled "grease" on the counter. Have a bin for utensils on the counter - you don't want a spoon slipping unseen into the garbage disposal!


Try to wait 10 minutes between showers - let any slow working drains catch up and help the hot water supply.


Keep the trash can in plain sight next to the toilet so guests will use it instead of flushing what shouldn't be. Keep a plunger in sight too!

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